How Jennifer Lawrence Saved the Oscars

Seth Macfarlane, arguably the worst Oscar host in living memory, utterly failed to live up to his reputation as a comedian. Like many infamous Charles Dickens’ characters, he seemed to inhabit a caricature of his own personality, compounding disproportionately poor taste with the invincibility of the modern comedians’ implicit creed: Can’t you take a joke?  Many internet presences, lauded for their senses of humor, apparently cannot. An initial Buzzfeed article entitled “6 Sexist Things that Happened at the Oscars” had to be altered to “9 Sexist  Things that Happened at the Oscars” during the course of the night just to adequately encompass them all:

Opening with a quaint little number entitled “We Saw Your Boobs,” Seth took us all on a thrilling journey through some of the best cinematic performances in contemporary film… in terms of, you guessed it, their leading ladies’ breasts. Admittedly, he accurately represented the voyeurism and inherent sexism that frequently accompanies actress’s on-screen nudity (take a moment to note that full female nudity often appears with a mere PG-13, male nudity merits an R or NC-17 rating), but instead of cleverly crafting a joke belittling the system that enables this mentality, he chose to reinforce it by devaluing the women themselves. Such remarks lack humor or even originality, since most women have heard it all before and before that and possibly, before that. After a while, it’s difficult to muster an indignant reaction, because the sheer repetition of these reductive views, quite frankly, bores me to the brink of contemplating actually doing my laundry. The world is full of fun fodder for the humorously inclined mind: Go find a new topic. If I sat here and wrote a blog post entirely comprised of cliches (you’re as fit as a fiddle, you diamond in the rough, you), you’d probably want to throw your computer out the window after a few sentences, just to make the physical pain induced by my obnoxiously bad writing stop already. So why is it considered acceptable to recycle worn-out modes of humor?

Imagine my surprise in the midst of my half-hearted face palm and signature skeptical look when Jennifer Lawrence flashed across the screen, saving one of my favorite evenings of the year with her awesomeness. So sit back and enjoy these marvelous moments that managed to convert a series of threadbare jokes into a memorable evening.

1) This Reaction: Jennifer Lawrence wins. All day, every day. Not only is it mildly incredible that she snagged two Oscar nominations in this climate without once removing her clothes, her reaction is the best thing ever. The shifty looks surrounding her enhance the general splendor of this moment. Just look at her go, soak it in. In opening with this infantile refrain, Seth implied that the valuable role of women in the film industry was willingly showing some skin, and with this sassy fist pump, Jennifer Lawrence is simply not having it.

2) The Artful Face-Palm: “Yep, these jokes are terrible, but I’m going to laugh and enjoy myself anyways”

3) The Instant GIF and Infamous Trip:  Jennifer Lawrence’s genuine surprise was endearing enough. However, the fact that she can’t somehow supernaturally remain upright when ascending stairs in those massive folds of fabric basically elevated her to the oxymoronic stasis of perfect human being. I’m not being ironic when I say she’s one of the most poised Hollywood personas of all time…she brought keep calm and carry on to a whole other level.

4) Oh hey, Jack Nicholson: Jennifer Lawrence’s facial expressions are everything. Continuing her winning streak of hilarious and honest reactions, she looses her cool mid-interview upon receiving a compliment from Jack Nicholson. Watch the whole video:

It’s pure magic.

5) This completely bad-ass, absolutely amazing performance in Silver Linings Playbook: Let’s not forget why Jennifer completely deserved these moments of recognition.


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