Re: Good Morning

When creating a blog centered around two primary and appropriately vague purposes, my life and my passion for literature, it only makes sense to take this opportunity to share some of my own writing. Although, it’s admittedly a far fall from our man T.S Eliot, I hope you all enjoy!

The following poem was the second piece of poetry I ever penned. What began as a desparate attempt to condense and understand a previous (then current) relationship quickly morphed into a much more enduring love affair with poetry, both as an art form and as an instrument of self-expressing revealation.  It has previously appeared in the 2011-2012 Edition of Alloy Literary Magazine,

Re: Good Morning

by: Miranda Wojciechowski

You can always taste the laughter in my mouth

And ask why with your eyes. It seems strange to dissect

this inexplicable joy ripping its way through my throat

onto your lingering lips:

I cannot trust my words, three stiffled syllables,

a translated equivalent cheapened with misuse,

but my laughter defies caution, bubbling forth from

the fountain of my reticence.

Somewhere amongst the undertones there lies

a self-depreceating smile at the hopeless romantic within

because i cannot suppress an ironic chuckle

at the best part of myself.

I try to untangle the thread of light which leads me

through the labyrinth of my  own irrationality, but it

no longer matters. This newfound indifference terrifies me

and I laugh at my fear,

Pooling in the unspoken air between us. I lean closer

and catch a glimpse of the scene reverberating

in the ripples of laughter. This new flavor, the words on

my tongue? I love you.



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